We employ state-of-the-art high-speed bottling with attention to quality and safety. Our quality testing includes over 500 daily tests of each product coming off the manufacturing line and bottle seals that exceed government standards. Our entire staff, not just the quality control staff, are trained and certified in the entire process to ensure we maintain these high quality standards no matter where we are in the world.

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Our commitment to low environmental impact means that we support community recycling programs and 50% of the bottles used in our manufacturing process are from recycled materials.

We continue to develop and enhance the recycling process to:
  • Reduce energy and raw materials costs
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Create jobs in the sustainability space


  • Step 1: 5 Micron pre-filter (optional)
  • Step 2: RO pump to increase water pressure
  • Step 3: RO membranes – water is forced through a semi-permeable micron filter
  • Step 4: Storage (optional) – can be stored in government approved stainless steel tanks.
  • Step 5: Delivery pump (optional) – a pump assures constant water supply from storage to delivery
  • Step 6: Pressure tank (optional) – Assures a constant flow of water to the filler and prolongs pump life.
  • Step 7: Post-carbon filtration (optional) – Water travels through a post carbon filter to improve taste.
  • Step 8: Ultra-violet sterilizer (optional) – Stainless steel sterilizer removes 99.9% of all bacteria.